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Articles about Jeremy Lin…

…to be found under his page in section called “Things Harvard.”  🙂 Now, I am about as intentionally sports-ignorant as one can possible be. I have a running conversation with John about the question, “Why do sports matter?”

<You can all heckle me in person, I get it all the time.>

If God could get ME to pay any attention at all to basketball because of this kid, how much more could he get a whole lot of other folk to take another look at Jesus?

Jesus, protect him in this time!


I failed this exam!

Was sent this quiz by some friends in Nairobi, Kenya, who are serving there. I honestly thought I’d do better than I did!  Hope you do better!!

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In case this is helpful — most things I’ve posted on this blog are not “current” — they’re things I wrote in the past few years. Sundance has more pages from the last month or so, since I went to the festival. Moral Leadership is from Spring of 2011, Nairobi, Kenya is from Fall of 2008, and Travel Journalling covers a number of years. I’ll keep working on my site organization as time allows me!

Recent posts!

Hey all! I’m going to try to alert people to new posts through the front page… thanks, KTLH, for the encouragement! Just posted a Jeremy Lin interview that was given about a year ago at a Chinese church not far from where we live…[look under Harvard] and will post a class assignment about Where Do We Go Now? — an incredible film I saw at [Sundance] a few weeks ago… 😀 Enjoy!

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