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the martyr’s rule

“The tyrant’s rule ends with his death. The martyr’s rule begins with it.” – Kierkegaard (Detweiler, Into the Dark, 225)


Feeling Better at Fuller

…I just have to say how uplifting it is to study at a school that cares so attentively to the formation of its students! I just finished an hour and a half long Skype ‘interview’ to start my field education internship — and the administrator who spoke with me was so patient, thorough, and clear. She communicated so well the learning objectives behind each assignment + activity — it’s obvious how much thought has gone into this…! When we were closing in prayer at the end of the call — she prayed for John and me + discernment about the future, sensing “the nations” ahead of us.  What a gift this season of life has been out here in northern California, studying at Fuller Seminary, being blessed by God and his people…


[I just have to ‘mark’ this one thing: at some point in the early fall I thought Fuller should start a satellite campus on the East Coast in the Washington, DC area!! Would be fun to work on that! :)]

Hold me to it…

…I want to learn more about what’s going on in Syria. I’m too often the one who starts caring late in the game; I want that to change…

“I used to take my fiancée out in those boats,” Arref said as he looked back toward the water. “Now, I’m taking the wounded.”

Has anybody read any good articles that cover the lead-up to the current situation, or the hope for what’s ahead?

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