It seems I must write

no more avoiding the truth

Hold me to it…

…I want to learn more about what’s going on in Syria. I’m too often the one who starts caring late in the game; I want that to change…

“I used to take my fiancée out in those boats,” Arref said as he looked back toward the water. “Now, I’m taking the wounded.”

Has anybody read any good articles that cover the lead-up to the current situation, or the hope for what’s ahead?


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2 thoughts on “Hold me to it…

  1. just started reading this article today, haven’t finished, but i find new yorker articles are always really great at providing context – and always excellently written:

  2. Thanks, KTLH!! That’s a really great article… and I will now look to the New Yorker for good content in the future. I think I’ll also incorporate this story in a paper I’m writing for class…

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