It seems I must write

no more avoiding the truth

On hearing NT Wright for the 3rd time


Part of what feels different for me today is that I see that all these amazing individuals – are merely men. They’re just people. Kind of like how my old boss, John, turned to me one day after I was asking about what my co-worker Ashley’s fiancé was like: “he’s just a guy, Tina. Just another guy.” NT Wright is just another person. But he’s surrendered himself + allowed God to use him, and this is the particular thing that God has for him to be. Lord, help me give up all my ambition.

In so many ways, I think I “get it” better now than I did before. It’s amazing to think of how I’ve grown since the last time I heard Bishop Wright – when so much of what he said went straight over my head – and I got just one grain to take home. Or when we had this IV staff lunch with him, and I had no questions to ask – I just listened. This time around, because of Prof Kirk’s class + my own experience of disillusionment with the evangelical church – I realize – I get it much better than I did before.

This gospel is the gospel because it’s TRUE. And it IS larger than a ticket to heaven that you’re making sure everyone’s purchased… it IS grander + far more beautiful… it’s a vision of ALL of life under the beautiful lordship of Christ. It’s not true because anyone can convince somebody of it – it’s true because it just is. And so evangelism isn’t trying to persuade people to believe something is worth buying even though it’s a scam. It’s speaking of what God has yet revealed to you – nothing more. Discipleship is really just growing + living + becoming convinced of this on one’s own… and actually, it’s not up to me – not my responsibility to save the world. The world’s been saved…in the person of Jesus. I’ll do what I can to tell others – but it’s MORE on HIM to reveal himself to everyone…not only on me. Thanks be to God.

God, I want to surrender my small ambitions… keep me humble + put me where you want me to be. Thanks for a wonderful day.


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