It seems I must write

no more avoiding the truth


(written for class discussion group)

Since I never thought I’d ever go to the Sundance film festival, I have a just-right blend of tentative anticipation. This is important for me, because I’m prone to setting really high expectations for things without realizing it… and being crushed when they’re disappointed. So starting a little on the tentative side is a good thing for me smile.

I’m really excited to meet people there — people in our class, random people on the streets and in the theaters, not so much the famous people (though I’m sure that would be fun). The word “desperate” kept reappearing in the Turan article — and I love the kinds of people who desperately do their craft upon discovering their calling in life. I get the sense there will be many people there who have found their passion + are singing their song.
I’m a little concerned selecting 15 movies to watch in 6 days is overkill, and I’ll be somewhat emotionally/physically wiped out 2/3 of the way through the week. So if you see me looking peaked, do cheer me up! And encourage me to take some time to be by myself. Or ask me questions to help me process (I’m a verbal processor :D)
For me, I’ll know the Lord is present, active, and moving …when I experience the inevitable dissonance that happens when crossing cultures. I tend to “red-line” on that little missions-paradigm-chart whenever I cross cultures… and I’m pretty sure that at some point next week, I’ll be bothered/upset or angry/frustrated with something… and as uncomfortable as that is, it often means I’m growing. And the Lord has just taught me something new + important… and will give me a new wineskin to hold it close.

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