It seems I must write

no more avoiding the truth

Jeremy Lin

Perhaps like other folk — I’ve been  fielding emails and calls and questions from …my family, John’s family, pastors in NY, random friends… “do you know Jeremy Lin?” “Was he involved in your fellowship?” “Is he Christian?”

Here are the quick answers 😀

I didn’t know him personally, though we exchanged some emails last year…he was involved with Harvard IV’s Asian-American Christian Fellowship, so my good friend Adrian discipled him — especially as he sought to reach out to teammates on the basketball team… and yes, he’s a strong believer!

Just thought to share some videos I found of his testimony. I’m struck by his natural humility + candor — and his really concrete application thoughts. Enjoy!

Jeremy Lin’s testimony – part 1

Jeremy Lin’s testimony – part 2

Edit: here are a bunch of other articles about him — praise God for his witness + humility. Lord, form that character in me and others! <– Michael Luo is a significant leader in his own right!   <– this is our good friend Adrian 🙂 <–IV is definitely proud of him <– by another AACFer 🙂 <– captures the real disappointments that preceded Jeremy’s success  <– Christine was my staffworker at HRCF 🙂

new one: <– my parents are a LOT like Jeremy’s parents! 😀


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