It seems I must write

no more avoiding the truth

Bath, England

Oh Lord, the power of drama. Do I see you in everything because of what is there? Or do I see you in everything because I want to? Ian McKellen, performing tonight, for £11 – unexpectedly! A sin

ful man shown grace chooses to use his life from that point forward to reconcile people to each other – cancel debts – take on bodily injury + pay the price to make peace between a father to his child. A murderer runs away to NY and receives help – then returns to Naples to help angry men in his district deal with their petty crimes and conflicts.

God, what a day of unexpected twists and turns.  A gorgeous but short-lived sunrise on a walk between 5:45 and 6:45.

A surprisingly intense conversation about affirming or discouraging Muslim conversion from Christianity with Susie from Boston, UK – on the eastern shore… and Emily, who I foolishly thought I understood just because we had spent some together – a universalist Lutheran. Perhaps I was tired + myself defensive, but I also realize I am no longer working with students at Harvard who let me speak my mind with them – go toe-to-toe with them –ask questions Emily and Tiffany, even, won’t let me get away with.

Lord, I asked for forgiveness on a prayer card at the Abbey. I am so grateful it is a church still, not merely a beautiful building. You and others see beyond my vanity, pride, looking to different covers to demand <not earn> respect. Lord, I often don’t know that I am up for the challenge of continuing on in what I .think. is my call.

I am so grateful. I needed a day like this – a conversation like that – to show me the mirror. To push me out of my element. To make me humble once again. Lord, I’ve needed this. I know Harvard changed me. Often for the worse. I’m sorry!

A day full of grace and kindness and just-closed shops opening their door to me, a stranger. Buying presents for Joule, Tanny and Tiffany. Help me find the right thing for everyone else I’m to remember.

Being the pretty tourist – who doesn’t have to perpetually be building relationship. And maybe shouldn’t be trying to do that while travelling. But can enjoy short conversations with a former LA/SF Raiders player on the airplane. A triathlon athlete from Texas at Stonehenge. A Southeast Asia-enamored young guy from Maryland at LHR. A mom of a 20-month-old named Jude – who she had via IVF while living in LA + working in film.  Whose mom was Greek, whose dad was from Bath? This is freeing for me.

Continuing conversations beyond my desire, without thought, has become so second-nature to me I’ve forgotten I myself need time to myself. In my own head, as John calls it. And I’m finding that I like going through old pictures + posting them – as a way to reflect, give thanks, let go.

Things I don’t want to forget + maybe read up on…

  • Peter Gabriel – Salisbury Plain?
  • Thomas the Train’s creator lived near a tunnel + wrote the book about trains talking to each other…to his son Christopher …after being inspired by the sounds he’d hear…
  • Jane Austen started a manuscript while living here between 1801-1804. Didn’t do more because it was a party city then? J And perhaps she was a party girl?

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